HMS Pennywort K111

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Naval Escorts That Escorted Convoys With Pennywort

Abeila ONS130 HX229 HX234 KMS22 MKS29 ON176 ONS169
Aberdeen MKS45
Anchusa MKS75
Anemone HX204 HX229 HX234 HX241 ON176 ON183 ONS130 ONS169 SC82
Asphodel HX204 HX234 HX241 KMS22 MKS29 ON99 ON176 ON183 ONS11 SC82 SC136
Babbit HX229
Ballingderry MKS75
Bayntun KMS46 MKS45 ONS11
Beverley HX209 HX229 ON176 ONS130 ONS169
Blairmore ONS11
Borage KMS46 MKS45 ON99
Camrose HX209
Cape Hariato KMS74
Cape Portland KMS80
Chicoutimi HX241
Clover KMS22 ON176 ONS130 HX204 HX234 KMS46 MKS29 MKS45 ON99 ON183 ONS11 SC136 HX241
Cobalt HX209 ON99
Cuckmere SC136
Eclipse HX234
Faulknor HX234
Foley KMS46 MKS45
Fowey KMS80 MKS45
Gardiner KMS74
Geogertown HX209
Hamilton ONS11
Hastings SC136
Haverlock MKS29
Helmsdale KMS46 MKS45
Herschell SC136
Highlander HX204 HX209 HX229 HX234 HX241 MKS29 ON99 ON176 ON183 ONS11 ONS130 ONS169 SC82 SC136 KMS22
HMT St Elstan KMS46 MKS45
Ingham HX229
Inglefield HX234
Kamloops HX234
Kamsack ONS11
Kenogami ON183
Kilbride KMS46 MKS75
Kirkella KMS46 ONS11
Kite HX241
Landguard SC136
Laurel HX241
Lavender MKS29 MKS75
Lincoln ON99
Lunenburg ON99
Mansfield HX229
Midland HX209
Molde ON176 ONS130 ONS169
Montgomery HX209
Nairana KMS46 MKS45
Narvik KMS22
Niagara HX204 HX241
Northern Spray ONS11 SC136
Northern Gem ONS11 SC136
Oakham Castle KMS80
Onslaught HX234
Oribi HX234
Oxlip ON99
Quesnel HX241
Regina HX234
Rosthern HX234
Roxborough HX209
Rushen Castle KMS74
Shawingan HX234
Shediac HX209
Sherbroke HX229
Spray ON99
St Albans HX241
St Clair HX241 ON99
Starling HX241
Sudbury HX234
Thepas ONS11
Timmins HX241
Trail HX241
Transcona HX234
Truro ONS11
Vanquisher HX204
Vervain MKS75
Ville de Quebec HX209
Vimy HX229 HX241 ON176 ON183 ONS169 HX234
Volunteer HX229 MKS29
Walker KMS22 MKS29
Waveney SC136
Wild Goose HX241
Winchelsea HX204 KMS22 ON99 ONS11 SC82 SC136
Witherington HX229
Woodcock MKS75
Woodpecker HX241

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Running Aground

It was while arriving at PLACENTIA BAY that Pennywort had an almost disastrous incident. Sub Lt Jones takes up the story. “having handed over the outward bound convoy to the Canadian escorts we were proceeding in our group in line ahead to enter the new Agentia base in PLACENTIA BAY, Newfoundland. The Newfoundland banks are notorious for fog, and this day was no exception. I had just stood the forenoon watch until 1230 and had been below about half an hour when there was this crash followed by bumping as the ship lifted up and down.” What had happened was while sailing, Pennywort had seen HMS Clover ahead, turn hard to port, then receive a warning signal, but before she could react, she hit the banks damaging the hull of the ship. For a short while, she was firmly aground, but with the ebb tide was refloated. Having made her was to the safety of the depot ship, divers were sent over the side to investigate the damage. The report was the she would need dry docking with damage to the hull and her screw. After basic repairs to ensure that she was seaworthy, she was towed by the tug Frisky, to Halifax, where she collected the new screw, which was secured to her upper deck. From Halifax, the tow began to the US Naval repair yard at Long Island NY, but while at sea, a signal was received to alter course, and head for the Boston Naval yard.Once repairs were completed, Pennywort set sail on the 29th July heading for Halifax arriving on the 31st. It was hoped that the repairs would have been completed on the 22nd, but owing to unforeseen problems, this date had to be revised several times.
After the ship was declared ready for sea, and return to escort duties, she sailed to Agentia to pick up the homeward bound convoy HX-204